Related papers

  • Chao Li and Balaji Palanisamy, "Timed-release of Self-emerging Data using Distributed Hash Tables", Proc. of 37th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2017), Atlanta, USA. (PDF)
  • Chao Li and Balaji Palanisamy, "Emerge: Self-emerging Data Release using Cloud Data Storage", Proc. of 10th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (Cloud 2017), Honolulu, USA. (PDF)


In the age of Big Data, advances in distributed technologies and cloud storage services provide highly efficient and cost-effective solutions to large scale data storage and management. 
Supporting self-emerging data using clouds is a challenging problem. While straight-forward centralized approaches provide a basic solution to the problem, unfortunately they are limited to a single point of trust. Supporting attack-resilient timed release of encrypted data stored in clouds requires new mechanisms for self emergence of data encryption keys that enables encrypted data to become accessible at a future point in time. Prior to the release time, the encryption key remains undiscovered and unavailable in a secure distributed system, making the private data unavailable.
In this paper, we propose \textit{Emerge}, a self-emerging timed data release protocol for securely hiding data encryption keys of private encrypted data in a large-scale Distributed Hash Table (DHT) network that makes the data available and accessible only at the defined release time. 
We develop a suite of erasure-coding-based routing path construction schemes for securely storing and routing encryption keys in DHT networks that protect an adversary from inferring the encryption key prior to the release time (release-ahead attack) or from destroying the key altogether (drop attack). 
Through extensive experimental evaluation, we demonstrate that the proposed schemes are resilient to both release-ahead attack and drop attack as well as to attacks that arise due to traditional churn issues in DHT networks.



      Chao  Li